Catch The Road Virus!

Its been a while since I’ve promoted something, but goddamn did this catch my attention. I’ve been an avid reader my entire life (my first introduction to Horror was Stephen King) so when I heard a couple of awesome folks were fixing to set up a “Mobile bookstore specializing in fringe literature” that also aims to […]



Uncle Frank’s “31-For-31: Horrorpalooza 2016” Part 4…The Final Chapter!!

Hello Meat Sacks. It’s all over now, baby blue. We’re on to the seasons of gluttony and tinsel, capitalism and commercially sponsored good-will. Luckily we’ve had a helluva run in the month of ghouls and gore, with loads of wonderfully horrific memories to look back on and dwell upon as people wish us “Merry” this, or […]

Uncle Frank’s “31-For-31: Horrorpalooza 2016” Part 3!!

Hello Meat Sacks. Once again we find ourselves on the slippery slope of the second half of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: October. This is the time of the month where we try to pack in as much Halloween-y goodness as we can, whether that be pumpkin beers, haunted houses, costume parties, clown […]


Lights Out

Papa Bacchus’ 31 for 31 – one horror a day in October! (Part 1)

Fellow Bacchanalians! I hope you find this glorious month in good humor – god knows its been a rough one for ole Papa B (actually having a job and real life, who’d a thunk it?) but I’ve been keeping up with Uncle Frank on the 31 for 31 challenge. For those of you not familiar, […]

Uncle Frank’s “31-For-31: Horrorpalooza 2016” Part 2!!

Hello Meat Sacks. Another week of fright features has come and gone, with some surprises, some let-downs, and some seriously fucked up shit. Just the way we like it! While it’s tragic that October is already half over, hopefully the second half will be even more devilish and demonic than the first. Cheers to that! […]



Uncle Frank’s “31-For-31: Horrorpalooza 2016”

Hello Meat Sacks. Ol’ Uncle Frank is back, and once again ready to imbibe the Halloween Season in all its glory, mainly through the consumption of copious amounts of blood, boobs, and booze. Some of which might be actually be taken in through the viewings of this year’s entries into the Horrorpalooza, 2016 edition. As always, this […]

Top 10 Netflix Horror Comedies to drink to!

Its no news that the Horribly Hooched crew enjoys a few brews with friends and some choice comedic horror, so Papa Bacchus decided to whip together this list of his top 10 faves that are currently on Netflix US Instant! He’s also got some basic and… effective recommendations for drinking games. We try to keep […]

Best Horror Comedies on Netflix

Happy Horrordays: Papa Bacchus’ Seasonal Recommendations

‘Tis the season to get ta-anked, falalalala la fall down drunk! Seriously though…between the extravagant spending on loved ones, and the family reunions that some of us love and most of us dread, its the perfect season to sit down with a festive cocktail and a ridiculous Christmas Horror to relax and de-stress. Uncle Frank […]



Krampus (2015) – You don’t want to be on his list!

As much as Halloween is certainly the favorite holiday round the Papa Bacchus household, Christmas is a close second – especially for themed Christmas Horror films! While there are a TON of offerings in that genre, there hasn’t really been anything substantial recently – until, of course, Krampus dropped. These days I tend to stay […]

Happy Horrordays: Uncle Frank’s Seasonal Recommendations

Hello, Meat Sacks. November 1st is ol’ Uncle Frank’s least favorite day of the year. It means the Halloween season is over, and all that seasonal trash that they put out in late summer (the Christmas lights, the tree stands, the fake snow cotton shit) is no longer fodder for derision. It’s a hard turn […]


Thankskilling (2009)

Thankskilling (2009)

Oh yes, dear friends, its that wonderful time of year again. Time to get together with our blood relations and consume copious amounts of food under the guise of holiday celebration. Time to watch a football game, drink heavily, then pass out early on the couch with your belt torn asunder and an errant hand […]

The Unkindness of Ravens (2015) – Kickstarter!

From the dark mind of Lawrie Brewster, the man behind Lord of Tears and the Owl Man prank (heres a link for awesomeness) comes a new voyage into madness, in the form of ‘The Unkindness of Ravens’. Tagline: “In the bleak highlands of Scotland, an army veteran must battle his demons in a last desperate bid to reclaim […]

Desolate Plain 2

The Best Horror on Netflix RIGHT NOW! (November)

Best Horror on US Netflix Instant – November!

Hey all – Papa Bacchus here bringing you another synopsis of the best horror available on US Netflix Instant now! I’ve waded through the bullshit so you won’t have to (and believe me, there is a LOT of bullshit) First off, if you haven’t seen these classics currently available, do yourself a favor and watch those first: The […]

Kristy (2014)

While looking for some more seasonal horror (next to the epic Thankskilling) for the Thanksgiving season I stumbled across this gem. Set at a college where everyone except for one female student has gone home for Thanksgiving, this interesting little ‘home invasion’ style flick (think The Strangers, Straw Dogs, Eden Lake, You’re Next, etc) is […]

Kristy 2014


Uncle Frank’s “31-for-31: Horrorpalooza 2015” Picks 22-31

Hello Meat Sacks. So here we are, at the end of the Halloween season, staring down two months of annoying family interactions, excessive food consumption, grating commercialization, and forced jollity. Luckily, ol’ Uncle Frank here has 31 days of horror movies to reflect upon through those cold months, some of which were actually pretty good. […]

What to Watch on Halloween!

The day is upon us, my great and ghastly friends, to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain (for you pagans) – Halloween! Our favorite holiday here in the Horribly Hooched family, I wanted to take some time and give you our favorite films to watch on this most auspicious of days. To that end, Papa Bacchus […]

All Hallows Eve


Uncle Frank’s “31-for-31: Horrorpalooza 2015” Picks 15-21

Hello Meat Sacks. It’s utterly terrifying how quickly this most glorious of months passes us by. Already, the Terror Team has eyeballed over 21 cinematic fucked-up-sterpieces, and that means we’re almost to Halloween, the greatest holiday of the year, which means we’re almost done with October. Which sucks because that means we have to start […]

Uncle Frank’s “31-for-31: Horrorpalooza 2015” Picks 8-14

Hello Meat Sacks. Another sickly-sweet October week has come and gone, and that means another grip of horror movies have been perused by yours truly and the Terror Team of Geinzram, Survivor Girl, and Li’l Pete. Some are brand new to one or all of us, and some just haven’t been seen in a while. Either […]



Uncle Frank’s “31-for-31: Horrorpalooza 2015” Picks 1-7

Hello Meat Sacks!! Hallelujah and whatnot, it’s fucking Halloween season again. And around here at the Horribly Hooched premises, we do some horror movie marathons to celebrate, usually while imbibing copious quantities of fermented and/or distilled liquids. Shocking, I know. Papa Bacchus has already posted his first week of viewings, and now it’s old Uncle […]