ULTRAVIOLET (2006)   Recently updated !

ULTRAVIOLET  (2006) SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY OK, this is my last contribution to the WOMEN IN HORROR series. Next week I will get back on track with Jason Voorhees in FRIDAY THE 13TH IX: JASON GOES TO HELL: THE FINAL FRIDAY (1993), yet another misnomer since there were three more films made after it. ULTRAVIOLET, in my […]



Contracted (2013) 1

Hello Meat Sacks. It’s Wasted Wednesday time, and today we’re looking at a movie you can currently be revulsed by on Netflix. If you’re squeamish about STD’s, or think that sex is a dirty thing best left to the less evolved primates, then you’re gonna have a bad time with “Contracted”. Also, you better leave […]

Personal Nightmare (1989) 2

Released in 1989 for DOS, Amiga and also Atari ST. Created by Horrorsoft/Adventuresoft. Download link for PC and Mac:  http://www.gog.com/game/personal_nightmare Size: 16Mb Genre: Adventure Survival Horror Style:  Point and click/keyboard command Greetings, my fellow video game masochists!  My name is Geinzram and I will be your guide on this journey into the dark underbelly of […]



MAREBITO (2004) 1

MAREBITO  (2004)   SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY   Further reinforced our WOMEN IN HORROR/ACTION month, I return to the Tartan Asia Extreme series, which consistently has strong & interesting female characters. MAREBITO is the kind of film that really fucks with you. It jumps between CCTV/video with a lot of hand held shots, grainy, dark, hard-to-see shots interspersed with […]

From Beyond (1986) 1

Hello Meat Sacks. Stuart Gordon’s 1986 goop-fest “From Beyond” holds a near and dear place in my heart. Childhood memories of seeing pieces of it here and there stayed with me until my adult life. I finally saw it in its entirety in college, and suddenly all those fragmental recollections of “the dude with the […]



The Orphanage (El Orfanato) (2007)

Hello Meat Sacks. Todays Wasted Wednesday comes to you on a Sunday because, well….beer was involved. I’ll leave it at that. Now that we’re here, let me introduce you to my film selection for the Women In Horror Month: “The Orphanage”. I’m a massive fan of Spanish Horror, or Spanish language horror films. There’s something […]

Interview with Maria Olsen

Hey all, Papa Bacchus here, continuing our celebration of Women in Horror Month by sitting down with the insanely talented Maria Olsen, an actress who’s made quite the splash in the Horror world, with 128 roles in just 7 YEARS. Which, lets be honest, is bananas. Maria is extremely prolific as a character actor AND […]




UNDER THE SKIN  (2005) SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY Continuing with our WOMEN IN HORROR month, it is time to turn to the lithesome Scarlett Johansson, who has shown us that she can be a woman who can kick ass in movies, films like IRON MAN 2, THE AVENGERS, THE AVENGERS 2, CAPTAIN AMERICA 2, & LUCY. […]

Crazy Murder (2015) 2

Well, holy bumblasting badgers that was – weird. Stupid. Intentionally foul and lovingly crafted. …lets just get into this. DRINK OF CHOICE I was going to go with MD 20/20 given the subject matter…but I just couldn’t disgrace my already shamed and degraded liver that much, so I opted for bottom shelf whisky served in […]

Crazy Murder Key Art


The Skeleton Key (2005) 3

I absolutely adore just about everything surrounding The Skeleton Key. Hoodoo, New Orleans, the cast – Kate Hudson, John Hurt, Gena Rowlands, Peter Sarsgaard, MY GOD! I know I go for a few too many cooking references but that’s a fucking spectacular recipe, one that’s brought me back for multiple viewings. That, and the batshit crazy […]

CELLO (2005)

C E L L O   (2005) aka CHELLO HONGMIJOO ILGA SALINSAGAN SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY ENTRY ON SUNDAY Well, isn’t this special? I decided to dive into Asian Horror cinema, something that Sweaty has specialized in, & newbie, Uncle Frank, seems to know a hell of a lot about as well. So now it is my […]



Demons 2 (1986) 1

Hello Meat Sacks. This past Halloween season ol’ Uncle Frank and his buddies decided to watch one horror movie for every day of October. We found some fantastic stuff, and we found some absolute garbage (I’m looking at YOU, “Inseminoid”). One of the more entertaining films we checked out was the movie being reviewed this […]

RoboGeisha (2009) 1

This week we have another piece of cinema from that delightfully peculiar duo of director Noboru Iguchi (Mutant Girls Squad, Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead) and effects master Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl).  A Cinderella story at its core, RoboGeisha replaces the singing animals and fairy godmothers with killer […]




FRIDAY THE 13TH, PART VIII: JASON TAKES MANHATTAN (1989) SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY Welcome Jasonheads, as we settle back in this franchise. We left dearest Jason, now an undead bruiser mother-fucker, back at the bottom of Crystal Lake, as Tina’s dead father rose up out of the lake, wrapped a chain around his neck, & dragged him underwater. […]

Demons (1985) 2

Hello Meat Sacks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been off pasta for a month, but ol’ Uncle Frank had a craving for Italian this week. So out came the Lamberto Bava-directed, Dario Argento-produced “Demons”, probably one of the better, more exciting giallos of the 80’s. It’s goopy and schlocky like a good lasagna, with a healthy […]



COULROPHOBIA TO DIE FOR: The Pee Your Pants Edition 2

It is a fact that a lot of people are scared shitless by clowns, & evil killer horror clowns really get the washers falling off your clinched sphincter. Evil clowns have been the stars of many outstanding horror films, classics or otherwise. So I had this epiphany–what the HH universe needs right now is a […]

Mutant Girls Squad (2010) 2

Sweaty here, back from my extended vacation and I come bearing gifts.  What gifts you ask?  How about a little something borderline pornographic, outrageously bloody, and stamped with the Japanese brand of weird we’ve all come to know and love?  Brought to us by the creatively insane duo of Noboru Iguchi (Zombie Ass: Toilet of […]



Gnome Alone (2015) 3

Abandon all hope of a decent film, ye who enter here! Instead, gird your loins for some grade A fucking garbage! And believe me, I mean that shit in the best possible way. Shitfaced as I am, I had no real expectations here. I knew just what the silly fuck I was getting into, and lets […]

HORNS (2013) 1

  H O R N S    (2013) SLASH’S FUCKED UP FRIDAY Wow, first the break from tedium with the RED CHRISTMAS features, & now I am taking a reviewer’s holiday in between each film within the series franchise I am working on; case in point, the FRIDAY THE 13TH lexicon. Next week we will dive right back […]



The Shrine (2010) 1

Hello Meat Sacks. Today on Wasted Wednesdays, we got a little recent Canadian horror flick you can currently find on Netflix. It’s called The Shrine (2010) and it’s worth a look. It’s low-budget, independent, and like most horror on our favorite little streaming service, it’s best with a bunch of liquor in your system. Read […]